Sunday, August 23, 2015

What is Lisa Up To? And What Was Zuzka Thinking? A Great Tip From Bret for a Better Booty

Lisa has been posting a lot of her own workouts these days on her FB page with little video clips of her at the gym. I do find this a bit odd because BR.TV is about the home workout movement - right?
She did legs, bis and tris? I find that a little weird too! Lol.
But she did do a video clip of her randomly working out outside using whatever her surroundings were for equipment. That seems much more BR like.

OK, I am not sure what Zuzka was thinking when sharing this pic:

She is having a mold made for dive bomber and pike push ups. REALLY? Do many of you feel that unsafe doing them that you need a mouth guard?!

Alright, onto BRET. This guy is a genius. I frigging love him. READ this for a better booty. I love BR.TV and all, but this advice is far better than their booty advice they post over and over again. Ha, ha. .....


  1. I thought it was just a joke from someone else, and Zuzka was just saying hahaha. =D

  2. The person filming Lisa Marie in the gym is her sister, who recently became a personal trainer too (coincidence? probably not). As you can see, she's ripped, just like LM. She has her own FB site called Teresa Zbozen - Hiit and Strength.

    Bret always gives amazing advice, but I am wondering if you can do his glute training at home by yourself. I'm not sure if I trust myself enough to put together a great glute program based on his advice. What do you think, Gina?

    1. Oh! It's her sister!
      Bret actually has two at home 30 day booty programs. You can start with those!