Sunday, August 9, 2015

No More Keto For Zuzka, where is her 5 min workout and new FB page from BR

Well looks like Zuzka went off the keto diet yet again! Her constantly changing of her diet and her random diet advice is not always easiest to follow now is it?

This was on her website:
P.S. I went out of Keto last Friday after the move was over because I really wanted to celebrate with some alcohol. No, I’m not ashamed to admit it. Also I’m crazy about fruit and there’s nothing more enjoyable for me than eating a bowl of cherries or a delicious peach while sitting outside under the palm tree with my feet in the pool. I do miss the amount of steady energy I had on Keto, but the glass of wine I get to enjoy while watching sunset makes me deal with the situation better :) Overall, it was an awesome sugar detox and I’m glad I could see how my body adjusted to using fat for fuel very effectively even during my high intensity workouts.

Is anybody surprised? 

Also,  did I miss something or was there no free five minute workout last week?
I have been having a lot of computer problems and phone problems so it might be on my end.....

Lastly, anybody else notice that bodyrock has a new Facebook page called bodyrock workouts. They got so many complaints about all their sex stuff they are doing a separate Facebook page just for workouts and nutrition advice. Probably a wise move on their behalf.

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  1. I must admit that I was intrigued by her Keto diet and looked into it on my own. Ultimately, it's something I'd like to try sometime, but right now I'm not able to commit to something like that. I'm quite surprised, though, that she quit so early in. The way she was raving about it, I would think that she would keep going for the 3 months she planned. She usually does stick to her diet challenges.
    I was also surprised to read that she considered it a "sugar detox", as she's been saying for a while now that she avoids all sugar, even in fruits as much as possible.

    Even though I currently don't follow Zuzka's dietary approach, I find it fun to read about her challenges and diets because otherwise I wouldn't have an incentive to sit down and read about Keto or Paleo or whatever else :-) And it's fun to see how her body changes with a different diet (although I can't say I've seen any changes in her on Keto).