Saturday, May 30, 2015

The latest from Zuzka, Some of my posts for BR.TV, another 30 day challenge?

I really liked the latest 5 minute workout from Zuzka - a lot. I teach a Kettlebell class and would love to use this routine - I would just obviously go longer than 5 minutes!

Workout Breakdown
Intervals – 50 seconds work / 10 seconds rest
1. Pendulum
2. KB Swing
3. Lean Forward Backward lunge
4. Weighted Side Lunge Jump
5. One Leg Goblet Squat
Z also has a contest right now with the winner being someone with the best body changes from her Summer Shred program - but it is only $100 gift cert to Amazon.
Here are a few of my latest posts for BR.TV:
Enjoy reading them all! :) 

Is BR in the middle of filming ANOTHER 30 day challenge? I saw this on Sean's FB page:
Not sure who this girl Jacqui is?

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