Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rumi has a new workout challenge starting!

I know lots of you who read my blog also follow Rumi.

She has a new and FREE workout challenge that started yesterday!


She has 2 workouts posted already. Here is a sample:

I part – body weight exercises
2 or 3 rounds
1. Burpee with push up – 20
2. LEFT leg jump, RIGHT leg kick – 20
3. Broad jump, walk back + squat jump – 20
4. RIGHT leg jump, LEFT leg kick – 20
5. Plank ALT pigeon crunch – 20
Note: Chest touches the floor, when you do push ups. When doing the pigeon crunch, the shank of bend leg should be twist outside. In this way you feel the abs really much, than only with bend knee. If you can’t fulfill this, do as much as you can and your goal is some day to do the exercises with full range of motion.
II part – with equipment, correction part
1 or 2 rounds
1. LEFT leg side raise – 50
2. ALT renegade row – 50
3. RIGHT leg side raise – 50
4. Torso and leg raise – 20
5. Swing – 50
And lets not forget how GREAT Rumi looks. Her body is unreal! 


  1. Rumi's workouts look very good, I'm going to try them!

  2. Thank you for sharing my challenge!

  3. She is awesome!!!! i will try the challenge tomorrow!!

  4. I love this challenge, I did all three workouts so far and it is very challenging, very enjoyable and right what I needed to push my body a bit more. I also admire how Rumi puts so much effort into her workouts, shows the modifications, stretching, etc. And it is for free. To me, she beats Zuzka or Bodyrock anytime :)

  5. i hear you Lena, could not agree more, this crossfit challenge is awesome! :)

  6. Even though I'm more into yoga and weightlifting now, I had a peek at Rumi's workouts and they definitely have me interested! I think I'm going to do this challenge. I'm finally healthy again after a 2 week illness, so this is just what I need to get back into working out again :)

    1. I agree with all of you. Rumi's challenge looks terrific!

  7. I have started Rumi's 30 day challenge! Be ready to sweat and work hard! Her workouts are awesome!!, very effective!!! I have followed her since 2011 and love her! She is my favorite with Melissa Bender of benderfitness and Tati of loving fit. These three girls are very professional!