Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Latest Schedule From Zuzka, The Latest from BR with Melissa Bender and Chris Tye-Walker

Here is Zuzka's latest schedule:

Her newest workout is Cardio Shred #16 which is upper body and abs. I prefer full body workouts, but focusing on specific body parts here and again is a good change of pace I suppose. I would just feel the need to throw in a little booty work. :) 

Looks like the last workout with Chris Tye-Walker was posted. What did you guys think? I think it was down-played too much. I think it could have gone over much better - but not enough hoop-la over it. 

As a BR Plus member I got week 5 with Melissa too. I wonder if she comes up with these routines or if someone else from BR does? I bet she does. This was another full body 12 min workout. She had a kicking move in there I did not like, but the rest of it I thought looked great. 
Doesn't she look great? What a different body type than Lisa. 

How have you guys liked these workouts with Melissa? 

I really haven't been doing much of Zuzka OR BR these days. I am sticking to my heavy lifting and yoga. Almost have my handstand nailed down. I did sled pushes yesterday (over 150lbs), farmer walks, hanging leg raises and one of Bret's booty burn outs. 
Today I teach a Kettlebell class and it is a lot like HIIT. It's pretty much the only cardio I do all week long. 
Have a good workout all!


  1. I really enjoy Melissa´s workouts for Bodyrock and I believe she creates those routines herself, because they are pretty similar to her regular stuff she does on her blog. Kicking move? I hope it´s not those one leg standing side kicks she does sometimes, I am not a fan of those :))
    I am doing Rumi´s workouts, Millionaire Hoy´s HIIT routines and a bit of kickboxing these days. I stopped following what Zuzka does, I feel like it´s the same all the time, no surprises there and it doesn´t challenge my body in any way.

    1. I love Rumi! I'll check out Millionaire Hoy - I'm not familiar. I am bored with Zuzka these days - I guess because I'm not as interested in HIIT. The novelty of that has worn off. I like yoga and the weight lifting because I feel like I can keep improving on a larger scale than HIIT.