Monday, February 9, 2015

Some GREAT info for you today: Zuzka's Schedule, BR's Schedule, No More Girly Fitness BS, No More Burpee Queens!

Zuzka has her latest schedule up and with extra workouts for the DietBet folks.

She had four (yipee) new workouts for us this week:
A Tabata one today, a Kettlebell Beginner #9 on Wed, another 6:02 on Thursday,  and a JRC on Saturday. Pretty cool.
Looks like instead of 5 minutes workouts she has switched it over to 6:02 - difference being that the 5 min ones used to be FREE. Sigh.... Zuzka has not offered ANY free workouts in a while now.
update - the 6:02 workouts are in fact free! :) 

Her Tabata workout today was only 12 minutes, and it would be good as a cash out - it would not be enough for a full workout for me.
Though today I did some KB work, some yoga and some more damn shoveling. The amount of snow we have is beyond ridiculous. It comes up to my shoulders when I step outside and I'm 5'7" tall. And it keeps on coming down. I have no idea where we are going to put it all.

OK, I'll stop my snow rant and start a fitness one - LOL. Take a look at this article. LOVE it.
This is one of the BEST articles I have read about women's fitness in a long time!

What do you guys think? I wonder what she would think about BR's workouts and Zuzka's? Though BR hosts often admit to more than 12-20 minute workouts, but not Z. I wonder if Jessi would call BS on her?

I also saw this posted on T-Nation's FB page and it made me laugh out loud.

How  true is this? 
 I always feel like Lisa and Z add burpees to workouts to get the cardio rush, but what about getting stronger? I don't feel like it is addressed enough. 

Here is T-Nation's article to go along with the pic:
And it is very appropriate for my climate. Though shoveling is one hell of a workout. Actually, here is my WOD:

Referee to keep kids from killing each other
Building indoor forts to entertain cabin fever kids
More shoveling
Steering clear of hubby so we don't kill each other (lol)

Looks like BR will be offering various workouts during the week on top of the Bootcamp's happening once a week. They posted this one for today:
I REALLLLLLLY wish they would explain more on what we are to expect over the next few weeks. So we get a new bootcamp once a week for the next 12 weeks with nothing else new?


  1. aw I had a laugh about ur snow antics its good to see the funny side of things! really interesting read - Jessie, she has the right attitude I feel pretty skint after a few of the girly things I signed up for lol haha, hope the snow calms down for you and thanks again. :-)

    1. Ha ha! Still snowing! And you're welcome. :)

  2. Zuzka 6:02 workouts are free. The first one is on youtube and the others coming will also be

    1. OH! I didn't realize they were free! I will correct that.