Sunday, January 25, 2015

Zuzka's recipe, Chris Tye-Walker is coming! Kelsey's Workout, My 600 Rep Challenge, and the Body Bounce Back After Baby

Zuzka has another delicious recipe on board for us - a banana, blueberry crisp. Of course it has almond flour in it, but at least not that much this time! You might be able to substitute with coconut flour, but use 1/4 cup, not a 1/2 as coconut flour is super absorbent.
She has another new Power yoga workout and it looked like a good one. I do about 20 min of yoga every Sunday after my weight training and I keep saying I'm going to do Zuzka's, but I always do Celeste's Tough Flow from  It's a free one and I'm obsessed with it - lol! She does lots of handstand practice, a crow into headstand, side crow, birds of paradise, splits, formidable pose - all in 20 min. LOVE it. The rest of the week I just do my own yoga - as I teach 3 classes a week. Typically I play around for 15 min again after class. and the rest of the week I do weight training or HIIT.

This was posted from Freddy - what do you think?
Some of their best workouts? Yahoo! I'm SO intrigued. Can't wait to see these. I wonder if this is why there are repeats of the various HIIT Max's? Is Lisa working behind the scenes instead? Or perhaps they just can't shoot more than one workout series at a time. I just wish they would explain why they do some of the things they do. But that's ME. :)

Where's Sean by the way? I never see them advertise his online training anymore. I don't even see it posted on their online store either. I wonder if he got enough clients, or if the idea died out?

Kesley had a 1000 rep challenge on BR's FB main page:

Looks like it might be a super fun and challenging one to try. I wonder if I would enjoy this workout as I've been lacking in enjoying my workouts lately. My own 600 rep challenge that I posted yesterday I did this morning and it was GREAT. I need more like that for sure. But mine is definitely weight based, not HIIT based. 5 rounds of 5 major lifts was pretty tough for me!

Kelsey has great appeal. She is a mom of 2 which makes her more believable and motivating in my opinion. Lisa and Zuzka don't have ANY idea what it is like to be pregnant, postpartum, breastfeed, pump, deal with a newborn, get their body's back, lack of sleep, finding time for anything let alone exercise. Kelsey gets it, does it and does it well, so that is motivation to me. :)

I also see BR post a bunch of photos of various moms (mostly celebrity types) getting their bodies back. I think they are starting to over-do this kind of post -  probably because it gets a lot of attention.
BR has their very own mommy blogger (who is super cool IMO). but she and many of the other moms highlighted have ONE kid. Remember Lish? She had 3. Kelsey has 2, I have 2 - and I can tell you getting your body back after the first is a piece of cake compared to the second. So when these women brag about their bodies after having a baby - go have another one! LOL. I was able to bounce back, but I count my blessings.
I think these women need to recognize that not every body bounces back. I walked out of the hospital after both pregnancies in my regular jeans. Lucky me. I didn't have stretch marks, or diastasis recti. Again, lucky me. These things are not in your control.
But there are women who DO and will not ever look the same as they did before. So it drives me nuts when women boast about - look what I did after having a baby. Yes, that's great - you did and are an inspiration to women, but PLEASE don't make other women feel bad because their genetics failed them. Not that pregnancy is an excuse to pig out either, but I'm a little tired of women bragging about some of the graces God gave them. (Zuzka does this too about her body a lot of times too IMO. Yes, she works hard, yes she is an inspiration, yes I love her workouts, but she should also acknowledge the graces God gave HER).
Since both of my pregnancies were after the age of 35 your skin sags more because of the lack of collagen. I'm lucky to not having sagging skin, but it is definitely stretched out compared to what it once was. It is what it is.
Kids are certainly worth it! :)


  1. I think the same thing about Kelsey . after I gave birth( keep in mind all 3 times I enjoyed eating whatever whenever I wanted because I wanted too) I had like 50 pounds plus to loose and I did every time and while I personally find these lppm at my body after baby motivating I also understand how it can make other people feel bad about themselfs. Its not fair sometimes but I do think skinny or fit girls should be careful how they come off. After my last son 6 months later I'd lost all the weight I had a friend who had a 2 year old and was overweight anyway when I lost the weight and was able to do push ups and all kinds of moves I was proud of myself and would show her and one day she didnt know I was there but she was saying some cruel things about my body and looks . the point she was wrong I was wrong too . while I was proud of myself I came off braggy. Sometimes we just have to be careful how we come off. Its never OK to make someone else feel less while pulling ourselfs up

    1. I hear ya! When people ask me how I got back into shape after pregnancy I say - 1. genetics, 2. I ate for the baby because it wasn't about me anymore, 3. I was in PT for structural issues and did my prescribed exercises every day, and oh - genetics, genetics, genetics!

  2. I really wish I knew what I know now 10 years ago lol or that I had you with all the great info :-) I am so sick n tired of beating myself up about it ! But omg since I have started lifting my tummy has flattened out and I no longer do sit ups! My three daughters are worth it and also showing them how to be the best u can be

    1. Awwww - thx Rachael! I bet your tummy has flattened out with the weight lifting and no sit-ups. Good for you! You should be proud of yourself. I beat myself up sometimes too. Shouldn't it be enough that I have a flat stomach, but no - I gotta pick on the loose skin too? Geez. And my kiddos know how important activity is in life, so that's great by me! :)

  3. I did Kelsey's 1000 rep workout this morning, and it was definitely a good one. Took me about 40 minutes to do. Next time I'll use heavier weights! Finished it up with 10 rounds (50/10) of cardio hiit (burnout).

    Will do your 600 rep workout tomorrow morning, Gina!