Friday, January 9, 2015

Zuzka's Kettlebell Workout for Beginner's #4, #AskZuzka Twitter Chat and BR's 8 x 8

Zuzka posted her Kettlebell workout #4 for beginners. What did you guys think? I thought this was a great looking workout, but I did not think it was for beginners.
Doing one arm swings and cleans are not beginner's exercises. But with that being said Zuzka did post this one her web-site:

 If you just joined the ZGYM and haven’t done any other KB workout for beginners, I strongly suggest that you start from the beginning of this series, because the workouts and exercises are progressive. You should be already really good at a regular swing and clean, before you try to tackle this workout. 

She also did triceps overhead extensions which can be tough on the elbows and nearly impossible to do correctly with good form if you do not have the shoulder flexibility/mobility. Again not a beginner's exercise - IMHO.
I would love to do the workout myself, but I am not a beginner. :)

I was able to see Zuzka's Twitter chat today because it went live today, not yesterday like I thought (oops)!

I found some interesting responses from Zuzka on there.....

Someone DID ask her about an alternative to almond flour for allergies, and her response was that it was already an alternative to regular flour, so there was not alternative to it - sorry. Hmmm... what about Coconut flour? Spelt flour? Rice Flour? Oat Flour? Chestnut Flour? I didn't like that response she gave.
She is supposed to have a flourless bread recipe on her web-site, but I do not see it there yet. I am curious to see what the ingredients are.

Someone asked her about building muscle if they could add her workouts onto their own and she responded:
it depends how much muscle you want, my workouts build muscle. For additional muscle mass you can definitely do this
Interesting response from someone who I thought only believed in short intense workouts.

Another great question that will come in handy is she decides to implement this:
any plans for a favorites feature where we can tag our favorite workouts for easy access whenever we want? She responded that she liked the idea and would look into it. I would love this too.

Yet another question/answer that peaked my interest:


  1. I find those kind of workouts intimidating were I'm doing it all by myself. I had to make myself do the fit test because I do really wanna see how far I can go in 4 weeks. Its just a lot harder for me to get the motivation to do it by myself when I'm following along its just easier for me. I think I'm really gonna push myself to do day 57 and the 8x8. Tomorrow. Are you liking being a hiit plus member ?

    1. I don't mind doing them myself. Then I can do my own variation, use heavier weights and go at my own pace. I DO like following along for a typical HIIT routine though. It would have been nice to see Lisa do this workout - how and where she struggled, the weights she used etc. Hopefully she will post her scores. I like being a HIIT Member. I'm glad I got in at a lower price though - not sure that it is worth the $10 a month right now. But the bonus workouts this past week were really good.