Thursday, January 15, 2015

LOVED Zuzka's JRC X#4 Workout! Day 61 with Lisa, Another Diet Challenge, Look Who is Sponsoring BR, New BR Host Kristen

Zuzka's JRC workout today was much better than her workout yesterday. I liked it a lot and going to do it tomorrow as a cash out after my Core class that I teach. I am looking forward to it! I typically like the JRC workouts because I love jumping rope, so that is my bias. I like the exercises in between that Zuzka throws in - it's a great cardio workout, and I'm not a fan of cardio. :) I love to practice the double unders too. Though sometimes I whip myself with the rope when doing these and it hurts like hell! LOL. 

Zuzka has a supplement give away - and I actually entered this one.
There's fish oil in this package, and I could use some more. I am a big proponent of fish oil to help balance out your omega fatty acids. It helps with inflammation - and since I have some shoulder and back issues, I like to take this supplement.

Day 61 with Lisa is here too. This is not a real time workout, rather one that we are supposed to post our scores tomorrow. Lisa will post hers as well. 

This is a 12 min AMRAP of the following exercises:
(Elevated) push-ups - 5 reps
Burpee Tuck Jumps - 5 
Reverse Pull-ups - 10
Equalizer Dips and V Abs - 5 
(Weighted) Switch Lunges - 10 total 
Weighted Squat and Press - 5 reps
Weighted Straddle V ups - 10

This is an interesting workout too that I like. The only reason I am picking Zuzka's over this one to do tomorrow is because I'll be doing it after my class. I use a lot of muscles in my class and will be fairly wiped out. The jumping rope is easier on my body than doing all the weighted work.

I still would really like a strength series from either Zuzka or Lisa. Zuzka has done all those Lifted Butt, Tabata, etc. I would love a strength one. And Lisa has does all the HIIT Max series, and I would love a strength one instead. :) 

How are you guys doing with the sugar and the more water challenge? I'm doing fairly well with both I would say about 80% compliant and still want to go up to the 90%  - but I guess it's one day at a time. I have another diet challenge to add on this week.
It's going to be sit down while you eat your meals. I don't know if how many of you are like me, but I often eat on the go, or in the car etc. I have a tendency to eat while I make my kids their dinner and I eat while I'm doing the laundry or I eat while getting the kids ready for school. I need to SIT down and enjoy my meals. 
We can overeat if we do not pay attention to what we are eating. 
So I challenge all of you to stick with the no sugar, more water, AND now adding on sitting down while eating. 
Let me know how you do! 

I saw this up on BR's FB page, and I LOVE this picture. It looks like Degree is going to be sponsoring them? It is Degree deodorant? 

I also saw this - so the new host is Kristen? Looks like so much goes into shooting the pics and videos. 

Lastly, I know BR says the only adjust the color of their pics, but does not photoshop them. BUT the pics they get from other places ARE photoshopped. There is no way this pic isn't altered. She has no pores, no veins, no hair, no nothing. It looks like a mannequin. There were a few comments about the pic being photoshopped, and someone else who said they are no longer following BR because they are sick of naked butt pics being plastered all over the place. There were quite a few comments making fun of this silly looking butt. :) 

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