Tuesday, December 16, 2014

BR Lean Day #8, Booty Work, More of me on thedailyhiit.com, Food for thought, Awesome Killer Kettlebell workout, Yoga Challenge

BR Lean Day #8 - much better today! Could definitely go for more rounds on this one to make it more of a full/longer workout, but the exercises were good ones - not silly ones. Kelsey has awesome calves too. I just noticed them today. She is a pretty muscular lady.

Is she a fitness instructor? Or was she just asked to lead us through some workouts? I don't think it matters, I am just curious.
She uses only weights and a step today. I want a new step for Christmas. Ummm, I want an awful lot of Christmas now don't I?
Since I'm part of BR Plus I've seen the workouts for the rest of the week and they are great!
Kelsey also has 2 burnout videos - this week and last week. Each week has an ab one (mostly plank based exercises) and a leg one. I liked the leg one better this week than last week.

More Booty work from BR which I love - and this is REAL booty work, not just telling us to squat.
This article is about a weighted bridge - if you want even more emphasis on the glutes, do these with your torso elevated on a step, or bench and thrust your hips up and down (Hip thrusters).

Here's my latest blog post on thedailyhiit.com. Give it a read and a like for me! :)

FOOD for thought 

Here is an article I wanted to pass along about healthy eating that I thought all of you would be very interested in:

6 GMO Loaded Brands You Should Avoid Buying:  http://www.getholistichealth.com/41123/6-gmo-loaded-brands-you-should-avoid-buying/

AWESOME Kettlebell workout! 

So I taught my KB class this morning with all couplets, and it was a killer. This is an hour long workout with a warm up and cool down - it is not a short workout. You could certainly just choose some of the couplets and make it a shorter workout.
The size of the Kettlebell that I used is listed in italics.

Couplet #1: Bench jump overs (like Lisa's mat jump overs, but hands on a step)
Side lunges onto step, right side, then left side (26.5 lb KB)
Repeat 2 more times at 30/10

Couplet #2: Swings, Bent Over Rows 40/10 ( 3 total rounds) (44lb KB)

Couplet #3: Chest press right then left, single leg deadlifts right then left 40/10 (3 total rounds)
(26.5 lb KB and then a 35 lb KB)

Couplet #4: Alternating lunges w/ a twist (twist over the bent knee in front), upright rows (3 rounds)
(26.5 lb KB and then a 35 lb KB)

Couplet #5: Full sit ups into an overhead press, ab plank jacks 30/10 (3 rounds)
(26.5 lb KB)

DEAD! But I enjoyed myself. LOL.

Yoga Challenge? 

BR posted this:

As beautiful as this pic is and I love that there is a yoga challenge, why are her palms not flat? This is a huge no-no in yoga. This puts undue pressure on the wrists and shoulders. Your palms are supposed to be flat and fingers spread wide to stretch the hands, strengthen the wrists and be able to fully push down to open the shoulders. But then again I'm probably the only one who noticed. :) 


  1. Ho ho ho, I saw not flat palms first thing in the picture too. My biggest critique to BR and DH is that very often the show bad form exercises. Freddies brother do push ups with not flat palms too, Lisa do push ups with very bad form too, rounded bag, grabbing weight off the ground with rounded back is no no and so on :)

    Where did you get your kettlebell certification or learning? I am interested in certification myself? I think Dragon Door have European cities certification but it is just a weeknd to test form and knowledge. I am more for learning course, something longer than 2 days :)

    1. Rumi - I was lucky enough to work with 2 certified trainers at a KB only gym. One was RKC certified and another was AOS. I took classes there as well as private training for a year. My local gym was interested in having KB classes on the schedule so a group of us paid for 4 week training course offered by another certified trainer. I then got group cert through KB concepts just to have the piece of paper. :)

  2. I saw the same with the yoga promotional photo as well. I'm pretty sure it was just for ~the pose~ and ~the picture~ but consistency would be awesome, since I'm sure during the yoga challenge the instructor will have good (or better) form than merely something for aesthetic. But good eye, Gina, and good on you to mention as such - form IS super important and the tiniest of things can make a huge difference, in good and bad ways. This would be a bad way, lol.

    This is one reason why I love Fitness Blender a lot, and will keep referring to them as a resource -- they are spot on when it comes to form for safety, and form for improving an exercise so as to get the most out of it and work against our body when it wants to be sloppy or half-assed, lol. It's something serious, honestly, and any lack of it can be a recipe for disaster, in my opinion.

    I'll try your KB workout tomorrow in conjunction with BR Lean Day 9. Thanks for sharing it!

    1. I've gotta get more on the Fitness Blender thing - I keep hearing about it! LMK how you do on the KB workout. My legs are sore today!