Friday, November 21, 2014

Zuzka's Weekend Workouts, Protein Pudding, What's NEW from BR, More 5 Min Workouts

Zuzka posted Power Yoga #6. This I believe was a re-do. She has some workouts posted for the weekend, a Kettlebell one tomorrow that is a re-do, but the ones on Sat and Sun are already posted, so there are older ones. I know a lot of you are looking forward to the KB one being done again.

She posted her winners on her BioTerra Herbs giveaway and some people got a 30 day membership to the ZGym. Nice! Does anyone ever know what happened to her DietBet challenge? There was never any finalization of that - was there?

I like the agility and flexibility of the Power Yoga's Z does. I thought the inner thigh lifts were a bit odd though.

Z also posted a Chicken Soup recipe that looks pretty easy and delicious!

She had a commentary with this post that I found to be entertaining. I don't always find Zuzka to be that personable, but here I think she really was:

Have you ever heard about The Chicken Soup for the Soul? Of course you have. It’s Jack Canfield’s New York Times bestseller. In case this title doesn’t ring a bell – it’s a self-help book that is meant to be comforting just like a good old, hot bowl of chicken soup. It’s getting really cold here in Los Angeles – I know I sound like a spoiled little complainer that I am.. When it comes to weather I just can’t help it. I really don’t like to be cold so I do everything to feel warm and cozy. I make a fire in the fireplace every evening, I put a warm blanket on the couch for Jesse and I when we watch our favorite tv shows (why wasn’t Blacklist on this Monday? Why??!!) and I make comforting warm dinners.
Chicken Soup is on my list of number one healthy dishes.  It’s just a bunch of veggies with chicken which means high in nutrients, and low in calories. While some veggies lose their nutrients when cooked, they’re still full of healthy fiber and a lot of the nutrients stay in the water as a healthy veggie stock. It’s a perfect weight loss food, for anyone who’s having a hard time to shed some extra pounds of fat and it’s simple enough even for culinary dummies.
OK, so maybe I am a culinary dummie myself! But I make myself a fool-proof protein pudding that is SO delicious. I make it with my Vega One Smoothie protein powder, PB2 and blueberries and sometimes bananas. 
Have you heard of this stuff PB2? It is powered peanut butter with a fraction of the fat and calories of real peanut butter. I often use the real thing, but I love the powder to add to my protein pudding snacks. It's perfect. I use it in smoothies too as in both cases peanut butter can be a bit too thick to stir or blend. 
Here are the ingredients and macros: 
It can be hard to find, but click on the ingredient image above and you can order it online, 
There's even a chocolate peanut butter flavored one. :) 

I take one scoop of mychocolate Vega One, one scoop of PB2 and add just enough water to mix it up into a pudding like consistency. I then top with some frozen blueberries and EAT. 


I found a chocolate peanut butter brownie online that you can make with the PB2 - that is flourless and made with honey - no table sugar:
I am SO making these this weekend! :)

I see some *new* stuff coming from BR. First, they are offering gift certificates for the holiday season:

What a fabulous idea! I wonder if Zuzka will do the same kind of thing. I also wonder if you can use it towards BR Plus? Say you bought a $25 gift cert, and put it towards their Plus program, and have it auto cancel at the end of 3 months?

I also see that Lisa posted that Bodyrock Lean is on its way. She will see Kelsey tomorrow. Are they filming together for the next HIIT Maxx?
I haven't seen any more posts from Lisa asking us what we want like she did last time around. 
If anyone has any details, let us know! 

There is a cool video on what is - some of you may have already seen it, but here it is:

There also was the pic of Lisa on her FB page. This looks like Lisa is just trying too hard to be sexy.

 Workout clothes in heels is not my kind of thing. I think it looks just plain silly. The Be Strong comment just doesn't apply here. 

There are plenty of other pics of Lisa that I think  are far more motivating like this one:

I reallllllly like this pic!

MORE!!! If you need more 5 min workouts, RUMI has a bunch on her youtube channel.
 Most are Level 2's and I believe she uses most of these as cash outs. 

You could even combine a bunch to make a longer workout. I am so loving her!

She lists this under her videos which I think is such a perfect idea:
Print this routine 
Harder version of this workout 
Hang out with me on facebook


  1. Yeah I agree I used to think Zuzka wasn't really relatable but the few times I've been to her site ( I'm not a member) I've found her adorable and very relateable I also love the recipes. Yeah I actually have heard of pb2 I first tried in like 2 months ago and I like it in my smoothies too gonna have to try those brownies and the pudding. I saw that ball workout you have is the ball weighted. I don't have a medicine ball if I did I'd try it. It looked like a lot of fun

    1. Ah! I haven't edited it yet! No the ball is just a stability ball. :)

    2. O I'm sorry. Were u waiting till tomorrow for your fitnut . I was just on YouTube and I saw it . my bad

    3. LOL! No worries at all. I didn't realize the upload had even finished and that it was posted.

  2. I have been eating P2B for many years. I love real PB (natural only) but there has been times where I am on a PB kick and I want large amounts. PB is healthy, but calorically dense so P2B helps when I want to eat copious amounts of it!

    I agree about that pic of Lisa. It's exactly what I thought. I guess I don't see her as a "'model" so those pics look odd to me.

    I also wonder about the diet bet. It feels like she starts lots of things but doesn't really follow-up.

    1. But people put in money! And I haven't seen a single complaint. I think that is ODD.

  3. I agree with you Gina, that is odd. I actually forgot all about it until you brought it up because I haven't seen anything to even remind me of it!