Saturday, November 8, 2014

ZGYM Opens Today! The Latest EMail from Sweat Factor

So Zuzka's long awaited and NEW ZGym opens today. How many of you joined?

I joined for the $1 this morning.

I found a few things odd:
1. No advertising om her FB page for this opening today
2. When you join and login there is NO NEW workout waiting for us
3. You have to type in the coupon code yourself - it is not automatically put in. I wonder if folks who forget are charged $10 their first month.

Maybe Zuzka will add all of the above later today, but I really think it all should have been done and set to go by yesterday. That's how you keep customers happy! The whole under promise and over deliver thing. Sigh.... (which much to BR's credit has been doing lately).

I will cancel after the 30 days if I'm not happy with the New ZGym.

I also got this email last night from Sweat Factor:

Dear Sweat Factor Members,

Thank you so much for being patient with us during the transition from the ZGYM

to Sweat Factor. We’re happy that you have decided to remain members of Sweat

Factor, and we’re ecstatic to bring you workouts that we believe you’ll find very


Please remember, as members of Sweat Factor, you WILL be able to stream past

ZGYM workouts as well as new Sweat Factor exercises. This week, our Sweat Factor

trainers, Maddy, Amanda, Sam and Zuzka Light led your workouts. These ladies will

also lead your workouts next week.

If you worked out with us over the last few days, you have already been acquainted

with the first round of Maddy and Amanda’s Shred Camp Series, Sam’s Hot Legs

Series and Zuzka’s Z Cardio Series. Sweat Factor’s second exercise schedule will be

introduced Sunday, November 9 and will include the second round of these three

workout series.

Again, thank you so much for being a part of Sweat Factor, and we’ll see you soon in

the Sweat Factor gym!


The Sweat Factor Team

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Now I'm sure why it says they are happy I decided to stay on with them, because I haven't.  And I am not sure how Sweat Factor and WIN are related. Is Sweat Factor part of WIN like the ZGym used to be? 


  1. Hello! It's great that as customers we have access to a lot of diffrent workouts choice. I am a big fan of Zuzka because when I train with her, I have fun AND I sweat wich is not the case with LM's BR workout. I often tried LM's workout but I do not find any motivation...Edith was pretty cool tho! I understand your point for the Zgym subscription, you would have loved a new workout that says Welcome here! Or something special. The new workouts will be there next week only. She said she will post the new workout at 9h AM Los Angeles time. I will be a proud member of the Zgym.

    1. Hi there 'Zolasoleil.' Zuka's workouts can be fun - I agree. I wish she did something special for the first day too! And thanks - 9am PST time is kind of a funny time. I think she should post 9pm PST so the workouts are ready for the next morning. I am super curious to what she has prepared for us this week.

  2. In terms of customer service, I hate to say that the failure to provide a new workout on the day of ZGym 2.0's launch is not a surprise, based on everything leading up to this. I never was a member of ZGym before (I stuck to the free workouts on YouTube), but I figure I'll give it a try for the $1 month, and will be signing up. If I don't like it, I'll only have lost a buck.

    I also have been getting those emails from Sweatfactor, which is pretty weird since I never signed up for them or have been a member there. I think they're just poaching the email list from the newsletter subscribers. I unsubscribed, just last night. BUT, I am considering trying them out for a month, just because I really wish I still had access to Zuzka's old workouts and schedules/rotations. The WIN workouts were produced really well-- much better than the ones in ZGym 2.0, so far.

    Anyway, thanks so much for giving us play-by-play of how this whole WIN/Sweatfactor/Zuzka mess has shaken out. I stumbled upon your blog when trying to find out WTF happened after she removed all of her old workouts from YouTube, and now I check back to your blog every day, just because I like it!

    1. Tx Nefertiti! Glad you like the blog. You're right I probably shouldn't be surprised at the lackluster beginning. If you do try out Zgym and SW for a month you'll only be out $11. Not bad for a trial! I'm curious as to the other workouts SW offers.

    2. Totally agree! I figure $10 for a month at Sweatfactor is a modest gamble, and hopefully the new workouts they add will be worth sticking around. We shall see!