Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Latest From ZGym, BR Day 41 - HIIT Maxx Couplet Week!

This is what we get from ZGym:

ZGYM™ Month-to-Month
Members will get access to the ongoing ZGym workout series:
CardioShred™ (high-intensity cardio with weights)
Body Crush™ (Body-weight Workouts)
JRC™ (Jump Rope Cardio)
Power Yoga
Beginner Class
3 Brand New Workouts Every Week
Weekly Workout Schedule
A Monthly Special:
Workout Program for a special occasion.

Zuzka has been on time and posting more often since she has taken control of ZGym - which is great. I didn't like the monthly special as it was just a repeat of what we have already seen and paid for. 
I'm glad there are 3 new workouts a week - and a mixture of types of workouts. I also like that she has been posting more recipes. 
She HAS posted the new schedule for this week, and here is what she has to say about the upcoming workouts:
This week we’re going to shake things up a little. I decided to re-shoot the entire Kettlebell DVD for beginners. I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails about this DVD set and since they haven’t bee available outside of United States and I have no control over the DVDs, it makes sense to have them available here in the ZGYM™.  I’m also going to re-shoot the old ZWOWs to put them back on YouTube and include them into our workout schedule. And the last series that needs to be back asap is Guns & Pistols, so there will be a lot of variety in this week’s workout schedule! I hope you’re excited and ready to rock.
Monday: BodyCrush #7 (NEW in ZGYM)
Tuesday: Guns & Pistols #9 (New in Workouts)
Wednesday: Cardio Shred #6 (NEW in ZGYM)
Thursday: ZWOW #1 (New in Workouts)
Friday: Power Yoga #6 (NEW in ZGYM)
Saturday: Kettlebell Workout for Beginners #1 (NEW in ZGYM)
Sunday: 5 Minute Workout #10  & Power Yoga # 2 (Workouts, ZGYM)
I’m posting new workouts at midnight (PST -8) Los Angeles time zone, before the day starts.  You can find this workout schedule on the right side of each page with links to the new workouts included.
What do you guys think of her redoing some of the older workouts? Is it a good thing or do you wish she would just do new ones? I think a combo of both is perfect.
 Also, GREAT news that she is posting the workouts the night before. Thank you Zuzka. She is listening to us which is a very good sign. I'll be asleep when the workouts are uploaded, but at least it will be ready first thing in the morning for me.

I've been thinking of combining Zuzka's Guns & Pistols workout with BR's Day 40, but switching the elevated push ups to pull ups. I think that would be an awesome workout!

Looks like Zuzka will continue with body weight, Kettlebells and jump ropes. I wonder if she will ever introduce new equipment. Not that she has to, I like minimal equipment! Maybe a pull up bar? Or is that wishful thinking? :) 
BR Posted Day 41. It is couplet week. I like how they are changing things up from cardio to strength to couplets. I think all the workouts could use a bit more of a strength component to it, but again that's my bias.

Can I start off by saying that I LOVE Lisa's pants?  Not sure that I would wear them to my conservative gym, but I sure do like them.

OK, the couplet was push up, bi curl and press with the bar and weights, and Tri dips with switch runner legs with the dip station. (why the dip station today instead of the equalizer?)
The cardio in between was burpee lunge.
I liked that there was a bicep curl in there. I also liked the tri dips with the switch - different, but not too crazy.

MORE Burpees? For the Love of God! LOL. I actually like burpees. The problem I often have with them when I teach classes is that - 1. some people simply do not have the flexibility or strength to jump or even step forward far enough to do these properly. Secondly, a lot of people (including Lisa sometimes) let their low backs dip or even bounce when they jump back. Not good for the low back joints. You need to engage your ab muscles and jump back solid and strong - and straight.

A good heart racing burner of a workout though. Had a little burnout at the end too with sandbag swings and - you guessed it - push ups!!!

Workouts like this one are great fat burners. Awesome workout to do as a cash out. What I don't like for doing these kinds of workouts overall is when you do something like a push up, curl and press, your weakest body part determines how much weight you can use. Working these moves separately for strength actually sculpts more muscle and makes you stronger.
BUT as a cash out, if you are short on time, if you're a beginner, or even in maintenance mode, these types of workouts are perfect. And know what else I like about these type of HIIT workouts? They are fun! Or at least I think they are. :)


  1. yeah i like her pants too id never be able to keep them that nice yellow though my boys would touch me once and it be all over w. i always like those bright pants too but i usually put on my exercise close when i first wake up and take my boys and dog on a walk then i come home and workout. ive ruined all my bright pants i just stick to black or grey now

    1. LOL! Unless I am teaching class I workout in my pajamas. :)

  2. I love the idea of reshooting the Kettlebell DVD for us international customers, there was no way to get it. Although I'm not a beginner, I really like her kettlebell workouts. You can easily make them harder by using heavier weight.
    Not interested in reshooting the ZWOWs since I downloaded them from Youtube before they dissapeared, lol. Nice move from her, though!

    1. I agree that it's a good move on her part. I think it would help those who 'lost' them with the switch feel less ripped off :P
      However, when she gets even leaner and more ripped, we will know for sure it's not from 'short workouts' as she will be filming for hours to replicate these!

    2. Hi how do u download from you tube ? Oh that wd be great lol

    3. How did you download them elliotreed?

    4. Lexxie, I'm sure her leannes comes from her diet with very small portions and not from the amount of exercise. She is a genetic freak who can eat very little und still keep her muscle.
      There is no fitness professional out there, who can make money only exercising 15 minutes every other day. There is creating and trying new moves, shooting several workouts a day etc. She tries to sell her product which is fine. Almost every trainer who creates exercise programs tries to make people believe this is what wiped them in shape.
      I think it's ok, as long as it motivates people to get up from the couch and to move.
      Rachael Young: you just need an add-on for your browser that allows youtube downloading

    5. Oh Gina, for you, too :) an add-on will make it.

  3. This week I am going to do her "Five minute Workout #10 for Jacked Abs" but do more rounds.

    I have a question about mountain climbers and her form. Please look at the video for the above workout.

    I noticed her back is always rounded and not really staying in one place (moving up and down, but going up in the air).

    Is this proper form? I don't mean to criticize her, I only ask because online I have seen others who do mountain climbers but their back stays flat (example of it being done the opposite of Zuzka:

    But I don't recall people criticizing her form for this exercise.

    1. I think Lexxie because the woman in the other video does mountain climbers where you bring your knee and foot into your chest without the foot touching the ground. Zuzka brings her foot more into her belly and does jumps where her foot does touch the ground. Does that make sense?

  4. I hurt my foot this weekend so I wasn't able to do HiitMax #41 this morning (or workout yesterday, either) --- but I was able to do some cardio intervals on a recumbent stationary bicycle as well as focus on some strength intervals (45 minutes total, 9 sets of 5 exercises [3 strength rounds, 2 cardio rounds]. I guess I'm saying that BR isn't really much good to me with all the jumping right now, lol. BUT thank goodness a lot of it has the ability to be modified so I might do the strength components later this evening. If not, I'll just be behind this week (doing modified workouts until I get better, taking the opportunity to focus more on strength).

    I did notice Lisa's back was really rounded during the burpees and which is odd because she always stresses having a straight body line. Maybe she was just off that day? But hopefully others have taken notice when form is off (no one is perfect) and are giving points if someone has a question.

    1. Ahhhh! I hope you foot feels better. And good job on modifying and not giving up. I have a member who takes ones of my classes all the time, and she also hurt her foot. She is putting her gym membership and all of her workouts on hold for a month. She's throwing in the towel too easily IMO.

    2. Thanks, I hope so too! Oddly enough, walking on it is helping, even though it's a little tender to the touch. I can partly understand your class member stopping her membership for the month, but not working out completely seems a bit extreme. It depends on the severity of the injury but there is always some activity that can be done to get some sort of workout in. The first thing I did last night (once I felt I could try working out this morning) was Google "workouts with a food injury". You'd be surprised at how many seated workouts that look like they'd get the heart rate up for cardio, but besides that, strength always looks to be a workable option, and I lucked out and banked on that today.