Thursday, November 6, 2014

Another 'beating your personal best' from Zuzka, Day 35 from BR and a Sneak Peak into the BR Plus

Zuzka posted another beating your personal best workout. I'm sorry, but I am disappointed in a way. No new workouts after all the chaos? After all the people who are still rooting for her, gonna buy her ZGym, singing her praises, she couldn't go the extra step and post a new and exciting and hard core workout for all her die hard followers? Am I crazy thinking this?

You know when you go to a restaurant and the service sucks? You never want to go back! But if you complain, the manager will often comp your meal, give you a free dessert, or a gift card to come back. They go out of their way to make you feel better and want to return. I feel like Zuzka has NOT gone out of her way at all.

Now WIN/Sweat Factor hasn't done anything either, but since we are Zuzka followers, not SF followers, I feel the burden is more on her shoulders. I think if SW/WIN was smart they would offer something to entice people to renew or stay.

Has anyone else gone to Sweat Factors FB page? I have posted a few questions there and always got a response. I want to ask them if they would be willing to sell some of the ZGym series as a download or DVD for a fee. I had a reader interested in the Guns And Pistols series for instance. I wonder of Zuzka will repeat some of these series.

I did see this on their page:
It lists all of Zuzka's weekly schedules and workouts. I can't log in, but if you still can, do so and tell me if you can actually see all her workouts and do them in any order you want?

I remember when ZGym first came out Zuzka posted some of the hardest workouts. I was excited, but I've been a bit bored by her workouts lately. I liked her longer ones too - that were 20-25 min. But I'm sure that takes a lot longer to film and upload.

The body crush #1 workout is a good workout:
I would change the lunge kicks into weighted lunges and maybe add some renegade rows instead of the plank ups to add a PULLING exercise. (I know -  I'm obsessed with full body workouts actually being FULL body and should include a pushing AND pulling motion. Pushing is WAY overdone by both Lisa and Zuzka. Leads to imbalances, rotator cuff and shoulder issues !!!!)

I am excited for the new ZGym and if Zuzka is smart she will wow us with workouts and customer service. 2 more days until the new ZGym opens with the $1 special.

There is a sneak peak video from Lisa into BR's burnouts on her FB page:

Looks interesting.... I did hear from a reader (thanks Ciara!) that she thinks the BR Plus is completely worth it to get all the workouts at once, including the burnouts and the guides. (I guess quite a few of the guides are included). She gets an email from Sean with all the above each week. Pretty cool. She just got WEEK #8 TODAY! That is timely and seems like the BR Plus members are getting their money's worth. I'm still curious, but hesitant to give them my cc info. Week 8 is available in their store now for those who want to buy it.

I wonder what BR Plus is going to offer after Season 2 is over?

Lisa also did a post saying that she has been working hard at getting all the workouts to us in a timely manner. She has done an exceptional job. She said it was for those who work out at a stupid hour. That made me laugh. I used to be one of those people - then came kids. HA!

Day 35 is now posted - total strength day. Lisa is actually doing the strength move (clean and press which I LOVE) today instead of cardio using her sandbag. I wish she would tell us how much weight she is using! I asked her to list it next week for strength week so hopefully she will.
A GREAT workout (one of my favorites so far) - more upper body than legs, but that's fine. I would have mixed up the cardio and strength today: one  - to add in more legs, and two  - to give my shoulders/triceps a break when needed.  I think that the biceps and triceps should be done at the end - always larger muscle groups first, then smaller. I would have done dips, biceps, then abs as the last three exercises. But that's me. :)
Lisa also uses the HIIT bar and weights - which I am assuming will be used a lot next week too. I see it also being used in the burnouts.


  1. She uses the two blue weights (idk how much they weight) and sandbag.

    1. I think the blue weights are 10 lbs each? I remember her saying as much during a workout ages ago, so that's my guess :)

  2. Its actually awesome abb day is gonna kill me

    1. LOL! I have to teach an abs class tomorrow. I'm off to plan my routine and go to bed. :) Enjoy your ab day!

  3. I am so glad that Week 7 is over! Too much jumping and push ups between weeks 6 and 7 (I finally understand what you mean about the jumping), heh. If I hadn't been blocked from Lisa's page (for recommending a power yoga page, no less), I would suggest less jumping and push ups. The scissor legs with the squat was what really got me... doing that with some tuck jumps in the routine doesn't make me happy ;) although I'll do them anyway.

    The timeliness of the posts are appreciated, though. I work out between 5 and 6 am Monday through Friday (later on weekends) and it is super helpful. Bodyrock really does listen to their subscribers, that's for sure.