Sunday, October 12, 2014

Zuzka's Workout Schedule for Next Week, BR Day #21, and Melissa Has a New Workout Too

Zuzka's schedule for this coming week is here:

Monday: ZSHRED #15
Tuesday: ZWOW #118 (new)
Thursday:  Kettlebell Workout (new)
Saturday: Power Yoga (new)
Sunday: Rest Day 

So there will be 3 new workouts and hopefully this week they will actually be posted on time, and that they will have the breakdowns listed. None of that has been happening.
I'm looking forward to her KB workout and Power Yoga. Notice that it is not called Zyoga. I wonder why not?
I also think that Zuzka must NOT feel threatened of losing customers despite the lack of communication on her part as well as the untimely postings of her workouts. She should act like this bothers her - IMO. 
She must also feel unthreatened by BR's HIIT Maxx Challenge or she would take it up a notch. This latest challenge by BR has been extremely well organized and timely. It makes it easier to get your workouts done with no fuss. They really stepped it up when their Summer time Challenge didn't measure up to what people wanted. They've certainly turned things around. I hope that Zuzka can do the same for herself. 

BR has Day #21 posted and it is body-weight only. It is now 50 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Some of the exercises look good, some not so good. Love the lunge and switch kick and the side push ups. Not sure if it is going to be a body-weight workout week or if it was just for this one. I did love Lisa's workout mat. I would love to know what brand it is. Looks like it actually stays put.  

Melissa who I know many of you miss - has a new workout with Athlean-XX posted on her FB page: 
It is an arms bootcamp workout where she gives demonstrations of the various exercises. It has a couple of pretty interesting variations of push ups in there. I wonder if she gets to make up her own workouts, or if Athlean-XX creates them for her. Melissa always looks super strong to me. And from the looks of her postings on FB, she also looks like she is super fun! 

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