Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Latest

I did send over questions to Freddy late last night for an interview, and I will be sure to let you all know when I hear back from him. Of course I thought of a few more questions since them, but that's ok. :) I welcome the opportunity!

I am VERY pleased with the fact the BR is putting up their workouts in a timely manner. This is HUGE. I have complained about this for months on both counts of BR and Zuzka.
Zuzka still has not posted Thursdays new workout.

All she has to do is post something on her FB page - sorry again, stick with me guys, I'll get it for you - in the mean time do xyz. We would stick by her. But this lack of customer service is making me nuts.
Zuzka has come a long way in her career. She has picked herself up from being in some awful places and made herself a star. I commend her for this, and find it super inspirational. However, one would think she would have picked up some customer service skills along the way.

Haley - a host from BR's past now has her own web-site up and running if anyone is interested in checking it out. She looks terrific! She offers online personal training too.

Lisa posted this on her FB page today and it made me laugh out loud. How are you guys all doing with her latest challenge?

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  1. I know this sounds awful but it seems at the time that BR picked Haley mainly because of her looks; although she was fit and had potential, the eye candy aspect was strong... however, she's put on a fair amount of muscle since and has done really well for herself overall.

    I don't know what the deal is with Zuzka. The more she lets the bad service occur, the more followers she's going to lose. That's not something people get over too quickly.

    I did today's HiitMax workout in reverse order - day 14, 13, 12, then 11. I just needed a little something different. I also added more pulling exercises than pushing (for day 11), as my shoulders weren't looking forward to them. Tomorrow I'll likely do the same, then just add day 15 at the end of the routine, if it ends up being another burnout.