Sunday, September 14, 2014

ZGym is still 'down' but BR has Lisa's Day #1 Challenge up and Ready!

I do not know what is going on with the ZGym, but there are no new workouts posted, and no schedule for this coming week. I hope by morning this is cleared up or I think Zuzka is going to have a lot of people cancel. We're paying for new workouts, not repeats. Something is definitely going on and if it isn't rectified by morning, I hope Zuzka has enough respect for her paying customers to offer some sort of explanation.

Lisa's day 1 challenge is up and running!

I have to hand it to BR for this post. It is well executed, well thought out, very detailed, along with the workout breakdown, FAQ's, how the challenge works, diet advice, beginner advice, measurement taking, where to get equipment and how to make your own, etc, etc.  I really liked the lay out and explanations.

It is a build up of workouts each week - so Monday is the shortest day, and Friday the longest with weekends being rest days. You can keep all the workouts short if you wanted to, For those of you who want longer workouts, the option is there, but I'm not so sure it is a good option. By Friday you will have done Monday's workout 5 times. That's a too much of the same exercises and muscle groups in my opinion. I'd rather repeat that days workout 1-2 more times instead if I wanted a longer workout.

I think this workout used nearly every piece of equipment they have! LOL.
Some of it was silly - obviously to promote the equipment. Lisa did something where she stepped on the wall ball - really doesn't seem safe to me. She also did swings with the ball - 8 or 10 lbs swings is not enough for most people, except raw beginners. You need a heavier sandbag or KB - period.
Lisa also used a 5 lb weight for the lunge into overhead press and I KNOW she can use more weight than that, but she's promoting another piece of equipment.
But the workout was a good HIIT one overall. I would change the swings and step ups, but keep the rest the same.

It's funny that BR doesn't use KB's at all ever among all their equipment as it is one of the most popular pieces of equipment on the market and at gyms today. Obviously it is because Zuzka uses them. Also, Zuzka got Sandbag certified a while back and never uses it probably because BR does.


  1. Clearly something is up. Why doesn't she just say that she's going to do them from home now or something? I don't care where or how they are filmed. Her at home workouts she does (those 5 min ones) are good enough quality.

  2. Yes, I am actually cancelling my zgym membership this motnh because of her "service". I couldn´t care less for the cardio yoga series, I didn´t like the guns and pistols series much more and now - no new workouts for two weeks. It doesn´t cost much money, but still - I just want to get something more for the money I pay.

    1. I would cancel too but I did the 3 mos membership so I'm a little annoyed!

  3. I did Day 1 of the BR HIITMax challenge this morning, 3 times through, and that was great enough for me. (I followed it with 45 minutes of running, because I have other goals, but overall, that workout would have sufficed.) I know there will be a gradual buildup to the end of the week, but my personal fitness levels are really high so I think (without putting my foot in my mouth just yet) that I'll be able to handle it :)

    I took a break from the previous challenges (between the Transformer Challenge and now) to reevaluate some things with the BR brand and I gotta say, Lisa is probably their biggest asset. I felt the same with Z when she was a part of it too. She may want to take some breaks in the future, but it definitely won't be the same. Plastic surgery, body dysmorphia or no (lol sorry, they're serious issues but a little laughable - but not really), she is their strongest selling point and because of that, this challenge is going to boost them even more (I have a feeling).

    Also, I must say, I'm kinda digging the idea of that weighted vest.

    1. I totally agree that Lisa despite all her issues is BR's greatest asset. Her personality and the way she tries and motivates you is catchy - IMO. I'm digging the weighted vest too, but I won't get it from BR! Sorry - too much money. I used one of my kids little backpacks and shoved 10 lbs in there (2 5 lb ankle weights). It was kind of annoying tho. Hot, sweaty and itchy. If I get one, it will be from here:
      If you do get one Lindsey, let us know what you think!