Friday, July 11, 2014

The Latest BR Host, Edith, and the latest from Zuzka

What do you guys all think of the latest BR host, Edith? WHAT a bod on her! Any plastic surgery do you think? Love her abs and legs. I like her right away. I did not like Lisa right away, and though her frequent trips to the plastic surgeon's office screams I hate my body, she has grown on me. I like her personality now, and I love her responsiveness.

This looked like a pretty good leg workout. I would do 3 rounds with heavier weight and slow down a bit. Add in some push ups and pull ups, and there you have a full body routine.
Or combine this one with LovingFit's upper body challenge, and  you've got a full body routine too! :)

I wonder how much weight is in that sandbag?

Today is a rest day for Bodyrockers. Does anyone else find it annoying that they post the workouts on Pinterest? I can't get to the workouts without going to YouTube. None of the links work for me from Pinterest. They have 2 web-sites for God's sake. Can't they keep them all listed on one of them?!??!!

Also, there is NO workout breakdown written anywhere unless you BUY the guide. REALLY?
That is certainly taking away from the freeness of their workouts. You have to watch the video first and write it down? Not good.

Zuzka posted her last of her arm balance series - the full handstand without a wall. Pretty cool, but that is because I love handstands.
She also posted about how to keep injury free. I don't know how I feel about this. First she posts about Ketosis (which if you look it up has all sorts of warning to check with your DR first before trying to go into a state of Ketosis. There are also side affects such as fatigue, dizziness, bad breath and more).
She's not a nutritionist, doctor or physical therapist. She seems to be a bit in her high horse these days, or is it just me? I guess I do appreciate her points. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood!


  1. Hi! ! I always follow your Blog. I'm a huge fan!!! Let me tell you that I always suspected that zuzana was in some sort of low carb lifestyle as I found it very difficult to understand how she could possibly be in such great shape by working out a mere 15 minutes a day. Recently, there have been a few revolutionary discoveries in the way our bodies work in relation to diet. There is such a thing as being or becoming "keto adapted" which is the state in which the body can use ketones as its sole source of energy. I'm no expert by any means. Just a curious enthusiast who likes to record about all things paleo/primal. But I believe zuzana is one of the few human beings dedicated and disciplined enough in order to achieve such state. Thanks for your work Gina, I really enjoy your posts!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words 'pecolini'! I appreciate it.
      I think Zuzka looks the way she does because she is a genetic freak! LOL. I actually have an article about the role of genetics and muscle growth that I will be posting in the next couple of days.
      I also think that Zuzka works out more than she admits - she admittedly practices pull ups outside of her ZGym, she bikes and or hikes daily, practices arm balances and handstands. Also - look at how well she jumps rope. Where did she learn all those fancy moves? Not on camera with us. ;)
      Lastly, the whole Ketosis thing has me a bit perplexed. Carbs are needed to fuel your workouts. Too little carbs and muscle heads cannot keep on enough muscle - they lose weight and muscle mass, so carbs have a significant role. I also know that too little carbs can leave your muscles flat looking. I think some diets just plain and simple work better for others. Though Zuzka is able to maintain such a clean diet for such a long period of time has more to do with her genetics (her pituitary gland, her making of leptin and insulin, etc) than with willpower. I think she just can because HER body allows it.

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    3. I agree, Zuzka must be a genetic freak! =D What I´ve noticed, Tatianna from Loving Fit is gorgeous of course, but she doesn´t look as strong as Zuzka, and I bet Tatianna is much, much stronger (well, she is!) than Zuzka. Funny thing. I have wondered also a bit this ketosis diet; Zuzka is an active person, why to avoid carbs like that, don´t get it. Although I have to admire her discipline; I will never look as fit as her, because I just simply like to indulge "not the healthiest food" sometimes.

      I checked out Edith; she is very nice, I like her. And yes, awesome body! The best looking girl for me after Zuzka left. I have stopped understanding BR a long time ago. Pinterest... Why... Then you have to buy breakdown guide, really?! And how they were mocking Zuzka about changing Z-Gym chargeable and selling DVD´s...

    4. I think Tati is stronger too. Edith is the best looking one in my opinion as well. And WHY BR is doing more and more for a cost but advertising as free seems like an oxymoron.

  2. Edith seems pretty cool. And I love her accent! I adored Lisa since Day 1 haha. I got annoyed by the Drill Sergeant Voice Overs that she had after the Christmas Challenge, and I found LovingFit instead.

    I'm on the fence about the routine. It was good, but as you said, it was way too short. FitnessBlender has a "Best Butt Workout" that I do that gives a higher burn. I'm not motivated to do it 3 times through:) But I would be motivated to complete an hour long or more workout.

    I feel that it's steadily getting less free as time goes on. They're expanding, and they need to pay more people. But their new camera direction annoys me.

    I didn't really get anything out of her injury article. The number one message would be proper form. I'll never trust Zuzka on any new diet, since she's gone on so many in the past.

    I always wondered how she lost so much weight from the first ZWOW to now. But it would make sense since she would have to plan out the workouts and then film.

    1. I agree with the camera angle too, not a big fan.
      I think the reason Zuzka lost a lot of weight is because she stopped working out for 2 months after leaving BR before starting Zwow's.