Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Do you think the numerous blog hits by the dailyhiit are worthwhile? And Hair Extensions!

Do you guys read all of the blog posts by thedailyhiit.com? There's so many I can't keep up!

I remember when Freddy out out an ad looking for bloggers, and I didn't realize at the time his intention was to bombard us with info. Some of it is almost like celebrity gossip magazines - nothing worthwhile to read. But some of their other stuff I actually like.
For instance, I thought this was a good post:


Lisa reposts a lot of older workouts and recipes on her FB page.
There is this pic of her butt posted often as well. I'm curious, do any of you know or think this has been photoshopped?  I wonder how many of their pics have been altered? Even the ones of Rita and Melissa selling their guides and promoting their challenges seem altered to me. Not all - but definitely some.

Zuzana posted a free KB workout routine for your butt. 
How are you all liking her Lifted Butt Series? She said next week starts her Abs series. Hmmmm.....
She also did NOT post the next arm balance challenge. Argh! 

So Zuzka got some hair extensions a couple of weeks back. I had ordered some myself about a month ago. I got them in the mail finally this past weekend, and they do not work for me. :( 
They are from secretextensions.com 
They are only $40 plus shipping, but take FOUR weeks for delivery. 
I'm going to sell mine on eBay. If anyone is interested, I will sell them off of this blog first - just email me: ginatrim.martin@gmail.com

You can check out secretextensions.com for their FAQ's and a video.
But here is what I can tell you:

Mine are medium brown - they have very cool undertones, a definite Ash brown. 
My hair has too many reddish highlights in it to be a match. 
My hair is also not as straight. I can straighten my hair, but the texture of my hair is not the same. 
So if you have medium ash brown hair, that is straight and lays flat, then these will work. 
I am selling them for $30 plus shipping instead of the $40, and it will only take a couple of days to get to you, not 4 weeks! 

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