Monday, October 21, 2013

Zuzana's Boston Hotel Workout and BodyRock's Work B****!

Zuzana has posted her hotel workout from Boston. Looks like an OK workout.
ZWow #90 has NOT been posted yet. ARGH!

Bodyrock has only been doing their 30 day challenge lately. But Melissa is back with a short and intense workout. It is called The Work B****.  It looks like a brutal workout! It also has double unders in it which are SO hard. Those always make me feel like I have to pee though. Lol. I'll be doing this workout this week. And I look forward to it.

Part 1 Set your timer for 18 Rounds 10 Seconds Rest/50 Seconds Work
1. Long Leap Inchworms (2x push ups)
2. Plank Kick Outs
3. Ugi Overhead Jump Lunges
4. Superman Power Ups
5. Roll Back Jump Tucks
6. Ab Hold
Part 2 Set your timers for 8 Rounds 10/50
1. Jump Rope-Double Unders 

I really like Melissa. She's great. I've mentioned before that I don't love her figure - not that there's anything wrong with it, but not something I strive for, so sometimes I overlook her. I have to remember how likeable she is.
And I LOVE to workout. I know a lot of people don't, but it gives me such a high. I'm addicted.

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