Friday, October 4, 2013

What I am liking better and why

For the most part, I do like Zuzana's workouts better. I just do. They DO lack pulling exercises most of the time, but I can easily add those in. There is also something super charming about Zuzana that you do not find in most fitness personality's.
I like her web-site better as well - much easier to follow.

What I like better about is their workouts are free! But they require a lot of equipment most times, and that is not free. 
I like that Lisa responds to a ton of her questions on Facebook. Zuzka does not reply often enough. Not to me either when I complained that her company did NOT honor the 5 day free pass of ZGym when I ordered her ZRopes. 
I like all the random posts that does as well. Some of them are quite interesting to read! 

Both sites give great recipes. 
The 14 day nutrition guide that I bought from is pretty good. Nothing in there you haven't seen before, but worth the $10 for the great recipes. And it is all spelled out in there for you, so if you like to have a guide to follow, this is great. There is a 1500 calorie and 1800 calorie guide for you to follow. 
I am assuming this is their first attempt at selling something rather than workout DVD's like Zuzana. 

I really wish she would make them downloads, but I guess there is too much sharing that way, and she makes much more money off of DVD's. It's all about the money now isn't it? 
For both sites involved! It is what still keeps Zuzka and Freddy fighting, why Lisa works out half naked, why they sell equipment, nutrition guides, DVD's, etc, etc.
Money, Money, Money!

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