Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ZCut Power Yoga Series 2 and ZWOW #84, and Melissa is back

Zuzana's ZCut Power Yoga Series 2 is out today for sale on Amazon. There is no preview of it though, so I am quite disappointed. I definitely want a preview first. I am dying to see it and hope it seems as good as the first.

Also, her latest ZWOW is out, #84. She comments that you can go to her online store or Amazon to buy her ZRopes to take part in this workout. HOWEVER, ZRopes will NOT be available online again via Amazon until Sept. 15th. Don't you think she should know this before advertising to buy something that is not available?!?!?!? I went online to get it, and on Amazon it says Currently Unavailable, not in stock and may not be coming back in stock. Huh? I emailed customer service and they replied with the Sept 15th date.
There have been numerous complaints about the availability of Zuzana's DVDs as well. Seriously? How can they not address these issues? I don't get it!

Melissa is back on bodyrock.tv and the workout looks like another good one. I like those jumper burpees she was doing. Looks tough. Right up my alley! I do not like the crunches that bodyrock.tv or Zuzka adds to their routines, but I am sure it is to feed their audience as many of you out there probably want that as part of your workouts. I don't mind core work at all, but crunches? Well, they bore me to tears.

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